Report Horse Abuse of reiners

Report Horse Abuse and Your Attacked

NRHA Members and Reining Enthusiasts write they are abused if…
horse with apparent tail tornaque numbing tail before entering ring

The Reining Tail Obsession

The 2020 NRHA Derby did not disappoint with horses showing the…
Reining Horse being jerked on mouth and excessive strained head set causing horse abuse
Picture of Larry Rose Renowned Horse Abuser
Vet holding horse tail alteration

NRHA Rule Proposal to Stop Horse Tail Alteration Vanishes

A rule proposal was written addressing the vile cruelty and treatment…
reining horse trainer jerking on horses reining and digging spurs into its sides

Preparing to earn a million dollars in The Last Cowboy

A quick video looking at how reining horses are trained by…