Quarter of Qualifiers Have Been Written Up for Horse Abuse TRFM – 2021

It’s the Biggest Event on the Reining Horse Calendar ever!


In 2021, during The Run For A Million Event, 4 of the Top Ten Qualifying Riders have been written up for horse abuse and caused major uproars for their treatment of horses across the world. Yet here they are being cheered on and promoted.

—  Does it take a known horse abuser to set this event on fire?

—  Does it take questionable or unacceptable training tactics to get these horses to perform?

—  Has reining really changed or is the media machine burning up membership money to hide what goes on behind barn doors.

What we can tell you is the offenders are not the highest scoring person or the only female in the team.

Amid the lights and applause remember the journey some of these horses are going through to be in the ring. 



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  1. Carole M
    Carole M says:

    A leopard never changes its spots – they will be even worse in the hunt for $1million. They been at it for decades.

    • Jim Landers
      Jim Landers says:

      For sure. They are just better at BS and hiding things now. Wait till this guy gets burned and pulls all his money – that will be the biggest laugh.

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    I work in a top barn and let me tell you something – its gone underground and its worse. I try to save them everyday but noone listens.

  3. Chrissy Cavanagh
    Chrissy Cavanagh says:

    I will never hurt your horse to win $1m says every trainer to the public – to the groom quick rub in the sand to cover those blood marks and get that band off the tail just before I go in.

  4. jerry h
    jerry h says:

    They don’t care – never did – never will. The old-timers on the board like it the way it is.They suit hollywood all fancy pics and shocking stuff behind it.


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