American Association of Equine Practitioners Says NO to Sedivet

In a Formal Letter to the NRHA – The American Association of Equine Practitioners warns of the dangers of using Sedivet for horse and rider and its analgesic effect of the drug is performance enhancing. Read the full letter below.


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  1. John Richardson
    John Richardson says:

    Congratulations AAEP for taking such a public stance. I had no idea how bad the drug was and the trainers were saying it was just a little softener – just disguisted in the Board-Committee and agree they should be stood down immediately. This sport is so filthy.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Natalie i was thinking the same thing!!!
      Good to fight for no drugs but don’t thro this picture saying a drugged horse falling spinning!!!!! That’s bullshit!!!! That horse just lost his balance which could happen to anyone!
      So who ever is looking after this shit , Would be nice if u keep fighting for no drugs , but take that picture off this , u don’t need a picture to fight for this point !
      Specially a picture like this which makes u look like ( something i politically cant write)
      Our sport might need some help!! But not this way!!!

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        Not sure if your speaking to me linda , buttt I’m not naive at all,
        A horse loosing there balance in a spin can definitely happen !
        It does not mean they are drugged.
        And I’m all for the no drug thing 100 percent !

        And if u were talking to me lol noooo I don’t use drugs myself ,
        I just would like to see
        Who ever run this page to actually use things that will help the no drugs thing not just bash reining in general,
        Look at it this wayyy . A horse circling , if u have a picture of it tripping and falling over forward, I’m sure u would take that and say look a drugged reining horse can’t stand up! Which anyone in their right mind except for who ever did this post maybe would know a horse can trip running it doesn’t mean they are drugged .

    • Charlie Eastern
      Charlie Eastern says:

      Well if that pony is not drugged – then it sure is drunk. No horse loses that amount of balance off a spin – even a plus 1.5 spin speed.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        I can promise you horses can loose their balance!
        Thats like saying an athlete that runs every day can never trip !
        It can happen !!!!

    • Nigel
      Nigel says:

      Natalie – Please name the horse and show so we can look it up. if you were witness the class and provide the drug report on the horse. Otherwise, you project what you would like to think – not what did happen. No Drug Test No Truth !!!!!!!

  2. Horst Ruetten
    Horst Ruetten says:

    Dear Madam and Sir,

    I am fully agree with your statements and thank you to move forward to the NRHA which calls themself for animal welfare.

    Please do not quit with your efforts to help to ensure that horses especially within the show pen are treated well.

    Thank you

    Horst Rueten


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