Famous Western Horsewoman Says Sedivet Rule is the Worst Thing You Could Imagine

The equine world is in shock at the release of the new NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) drug rules published in their rule book in August 2022, allowing administrating of Sedivet 30 minutes prior to competition.

A time when horses in being ridden in what is referred to as the ‘warm-up’ pen. Warming up consists of continual loping, sliding, fencing (running horse at walls) spinning, backing and when the animal does not respond as desired by the rider, hauling on horses heads, spurring, sawing mouths and other ‘training’ techniques adopted by reining trainers and competitors.

Who Passed the Rule?


6 Time Hall of Fame Western Horsewoman Carol Rose says it is the very worst thing she could ever imagine happen.

Who is Carol Rose?

For over 70 years I have been involved with AMERICAN QUARTER HORSES. As a breeder, as an owner, as a rider and as a lifelong supporter and member of NRHA, NRCHA, NCHA & AQHA. I have been inducted into 6 HALL of FAMES. My voice and experience should count and our horses need a voice too. I’ve bred over 1,200 registered AQHA Performance Horses that have won in every performance arena. Let’s do better for our horses NRHA!

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Notably: This policy statement may only be changed with a supermajority vote of the “NRHA Board of Directors”.

What is Sedivet approved for use as:

The use of this drug is not approved for competition or riding purposes.

A disgraceful day for the welfare and respect of horses.