Report Horse Abuse of reiners

Report Horse Abuse and Your Attacked

NRHA Members and Reining Enthusiasts write they are abused if they Report Horse Abuse

In an enlightened world of what is and is not acceptable in horse training methods, the Reining Horse World comes under the spotlight equally to that of the Tennessee Walking Horse – Big Lick for many people.

The fear in members is evident when you read the conversations they have regarding the welfare of horses and reporting horse abuse. The comments read of intimidation, victimization, ostracization; their real experience of reporting horse abuse.

Like the Big Lick, it is seemingly a closed shop with trainers and self-regulation being how the sport of reining is managed. They adamantly deny cruelty or abuse whilst others are shocked when they learn what goes on in the training methods. Unlike Big Lick, there are good and kind trainers within reining but there are also trainers and non-pro competitors that have no issue with their horse’s sides being blooded with spurs, mouths sored and blood, wired mouths, cut or injected tails to stop movement, drugging and numerous other atrocities occurring back at their training barns. All these things are abuse, their cruelty, (refer AAEP Guidelines on equine abuse), and certainly not how you would treat a member of the family; as NRHA marketing espouses.

When people with a consciousness toward their animals stand up, or those that see blooded sides, torn mouths, and other atrocities at shows report them, the response from those that are governing the sport, working in the office, or show pens is downright shocking.

Read from the people in the sport. Some of these people talking below are well known in the NRHA world and it includes comments from 2020.

While the NRHA spends tens of thousands of dollars of membership money creating a public persona of clean family sport, this is what is happening behind the scenes in 2019/2020.

These types of conversations are endless across Reining Horse Forums.

Let us know your experience in attempting to report horse abuse to the NRHA or NRHA Show Officials.

What are your thoughts:

  • Is this acceptable conduct by a governing body?
  • Should member money be spent on marketing or enforcing the rules?
  • Who Should Manage Reining Horse Rule-Making and Welfare
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