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2023 Rollkur is a Cornerstone of Reining Training

Rollkur is alive and well in the training practices of Reining Horses in 2023 – while the rest of the equine world are working to have it banned. These photos are from 2023 100xReining Classic ($3m of prize money) in Tulsa OK, and Run for the Million 2023 in Las Vegas 2023. Referred to as […]

New NRHA President Sets New Path for Welfare

The new president of the NRHA, Mark Blake, has set a new path forward to address the issues of drug use in reining horse events. The change of one key person on the board brings hope for the horses. If the remaining board would do the sport the honor of resigning too, as Gary Carpenter […]

Why the Secrecy from 2023 and beyond NRHA?

No other western sport has rules of secrecy like the NRHA has in their medications and welfare policy to be implemented from 2023 and beyond. The decision-makers reviewing violations of rules for medications and welfare: AQHA – The Executive Committee – published members American Quarter Horse Association NRCHA – The Executive Committee – published members National […]

Remove NRHA From Management of Drugs and Penalties

With an ongoing acknowledged poor record of performance by the Boards of Directors and Executive Committees placing horse’s welfare at risk and enabling an unfair competition landscape, immediate changes are required to who manages the drug rules and penalties.   The Final Straw: With the board of directors and executive committee (BoDEC) approving the continued […]