Serial Reining Horse Abuser Brags Publicly about not being Caught

Reining Horse Abuser Brags about his horrendous treatment of horses and people flock to him for advice on reining horse training.

Warning this is traumatizing to read for horse lovers.

As he wanders the world, staying at people’s properties for weeks and months assisting them in training their horses, they open their doors while knowing his reputation for horse abuse.

These old trainers are often referred to as barn flies. They brag about their knowledge and mumble about their success from bygone years while skiting, unfiltered, about their conquests of cruelty to win a prize. Their audience of people finds it entertaining as they break the lines of what is abuse and use mental ramblings and techniques in pursuit of winning. Old-timers swap stories trying to outdo the others sitting around squatting barn flies. The horse – nothing but a piece of meat to take out their tortuous theories on to be the winner.

In his bizarre ramblings claiming to have PhD in Psychology, this man enjoys, if not boasts the cruelty he has inflicted on horses to win. We are sure The Ohio State University is proud of its PhD graduate and the emotional intelligence he gained from a PhD. Shame they did not teach him how to spell and string a sentence together nor reference the PhD in the correct format. We would enjoy that certificate of achievement being published with his name on it.


Farcically, this man bursting out against the cruelty that is alleged to have occurred on two semi-finalists in the recent NRHA Futurity claiming he has a video of quivering lips with a loose curb chain as the wire in its mouth took effect in the full knowledge of NRHA Directors and professionals. His attack aimed at the NRHA with little regard for the horse. A horseman would have filed a protest against the horse’s trainer and owner. But that is a whole other story.

On his public Facebook page, he writes of his opinions and conquests and of course, his best friend Tommy Manion, an extreme horse abuser who has been suspended many times across different disciplines.

Proud of his conquests he brags:

larry rose writing about his horse abuse techniques


All we can say is sickening. You don’t need to be PETA or an animal rights extremist to know how sick that is.

Not satisfied with shocking the world with that pearl of information he goes on to say:

larry rose writing about his horse abuse techniques


Was it necessary?  Heck no. The photo on this page is Hollywood Jac 86 – one of the greatest horses in reining history. A hall of fame horse and hall of fame sire. His floppy ears never stopped him from earning. Thanks to the person who messaged us and reminded us of this great horse’s ears for comparison.

While many reining horse people support this man, others have a different view. Some top trainers employ him to improve their training skills. Those that have been in the sport for a few years are fully aware of the barbaric treatment he has put horses through. At any time, he could be a hair-trigger away from applying it on any horse.

He brags about his talent in not getting caught:

larry rose boasting he has never been caught for horse abuse


There is commentary that he has been suspended, but a review of the NRHA disciplinary list and his name does not appear. Some people want him banned, and many others in the reining horse community are strong supporters.

Those long-standing people talk of firsthand experience of the horror of things seen when visiting his barn. They talk about his reputation for crippling and killing horses.

What his posts do show, in our opinion, is a person with no emotional intelligence, a person that has little to no ability to show concern for the welfare of a horse. Any teachings he does would be potentially doused in cruelty as he has no measure of what is right and wrong. To the people that he spends time with “Your Vibe is your Tribe.”

Did you miss who this person is: Meet Larry Rose (the guy on the left) on his public Facebook page.  Scroll down and you will see all the people he hangs out with and those that support him. You will see him also going out of his way to be pictured with the famous people of reining to make a bigger man of himself.

Best of all read the most ironic post at the top of the page – he is anti-cheaters. But does he consider cheating differently from abuse?

picture of larry rose


Then there is the Larry Rose Fan Page with currently 191 people registered that say he is the greatest. There is a saying about the company you keep, so you may want to jot their names down.

If you wish to have a real good belly laugh then head on over there and read about how Larry Rose is going to save NRHA and is best buddies with the NRHA directors. What a team?


Can anyone explain how a person like this that publicly confirms abuse for many years can be tolerated to be part of any horse sport? Do the members open their arms to him?

He should be banned from having anything to do with horses or animals for life.

Vote for Change in the Rules and Enforcement of Rules by clicking here. Now Closed

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22 replies
  1. Emma Rees
    Emma Rees says:

    Filthy Cruel Sport and People. So all the supposed great trainers and people go to this trash for guidance. Says a lot for the sport !

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      That’s a huge generalization!! He is a vial awful person..but you have this type in all equine disciplines .. it’s not the majority but it exists! Do not blame the sport !! There are plenty that do it the right way..

  2. Stuart Carter
    Stuart Carter says:

    Met him once and once was enough. Anyone with self respect and a love of horses (animals) would not go near him or let him near their horse.

    • Shelly Marlow
      Shelly Marlow says:

      This is the sum of the man how he treats a champion – god help a horse that was not giving him kudos. I have messaged the extract from a site for everyone to read. Please RTE load so people can read it. LR you a dispicable human being and anyone who makes an excuse is just trying to cover up their own mess too. Harvey Weinstein of the equine world – rampant abuse and leopards never change they just get worse as they get older.

  3. Yvonne Padbury
    Yvonne Padbury says:

    I could not believe this when I opened the email. I have tears down my face. #ANIMALWELFARE #STOPREININGABUSE #BANLARRYROSEFORLIFE

  4. Debbie Grah
    Debbie Grah says:

    One of my friends is in a reining group on FB and showed me some comments. Can you believe they are sticking up for this vile person. Time to shut the shop on these people for good.

  5. Jessicah
    Jessicah says:

    For once, you are correct. He needs to go away. Most members feel the same way. We are baffled that people hire him. Worse is the people on his fan page that worship him. He isn’t currently a NRHA member and is also on the failure to pay list.

    • Giselle Cambridge
      Giselle Cambridge says:

      I read his page before it was pulled down. He has lots of supporters and spends his time visiting with the top reining trainers in US and Europe. They say he is a brilliant trainer and support him endlessly. DISGUISTING. You are all now stepping away as he has been busted big time – just wish more or your kind got busted.

    • Kevin Furkens
      Kevin Furkens says:

      Just because he is not a member does not excuse this. That is just 35$ He is entrenched in reining dna and sets the standard of what really goes on. People write of him being a legend. I have been around horses all my life and have reining friends. They have it right on this site and its the ugly truth. This site does not go far enough in busting your horrible ways. At least now you can hunt down LR to keep the focus of the other abusers.

    • Caroline Tweetenham
      Caroline Tweetenham says:

      Have you look at that page – Larry has found someone who is a mad as a hatter as he is. What an embarrassment to any horse sport.

  6. Barb Barror
    Barb Barror says:

    Knew it was LR before I even read it. The first time I ever saw blood from spurring on a horses sides it was Larry.
    There’s a very winning non pro guy who constantly abuses his horses and I’ve seen blood running down both sides as they come out of the pen, then run to the wash rack, and then some kinda tar is put on it to stop the bleeding. I’ve asked off duty judges and trainers who have shrugged in response. Too big. This non pro donates lots of prize money to shows.
    It’s not just Reining, Western pleasure, Racing, The Big Lick, it’s wherever the money is.

  7. Nancy Longmore
    Nancy Longmore says:

    You cannot change the rules. Why? there will be no-one left to compete. Glitzy photos fool most people but behind the scenes it is shocking. They are the TWH cousins. I have seen it first hand in many barns and was hunted out of town for making comments. Don’t miss the pigs one single bit and glad to see this guy getting his just deserves. Bet they don’t ban him – you watch tehy will put him on a committee for welfare.

  8. Carlos B
    Carlos B says:

    Ha….his rowdy mate on fan page is now saying facebook page got hacked. Story #3 in weeks. IT was pulled down 2 weeks ago when he threaten to kill someone when they called him out on the wire orhe pannicked when the shit hit accusing people of abuse. Slippery little bugger always thinking he is smarter. Pay you dues man.

  9. Geraldine Appleby
    Geraldine Appleby says:

    You don’t have to look far in reining to see abuse. And I mean extreme abuse. Its a culture and way of training much like how they train the Walking Horses for the Big Lick. There is no care and that is why the NRHA will not change the rules. The medications rules are just a smoke screen with many horses never tested at major competitions. That just keeps the USDA away – temporarily. If there was no abuse they would change the rules and enforce them to prove it. They know how bad it is and will keep it covered up for as long as they can. #BANLARRYROSEFORLIFE

  10. A miller
    A miller says:

    Worked for a guy that worked for larry rose oh the cruel stories i was told. This million dollar trainer was just about as cruel, i didn’t last long made me sick. There are good trainers out there.

  11. Richard Carlson
    Richard Carlson says:

    Depends what you call cruel. To a horseman none of what they do makes sense and is downright abuse. If the horse requires such heavy correction then maybe they are on the wrong horse or have no skill. Met LR and he is not the brightest bulb in the room by far so maybe the degree of cruelness is relevant to the stupidity of the person. A good sport badly managed by selfish limelight seekers.

  12. Rose Vos
    Rose Vos says:

    I can tell you a lot of true stories I have seen in the Arabian Reining world. I think its even worse because money talks. I dropped out of showing because of the cruelty and the officals let Trainers punch spurs in sides of horses at the show gate. I saw them 20 feet from the Steward using silver nitrate and cleaning the blood up.
    I am nobody but my horses I have trained are very good. They turn on a dime and really do roll back on their own tracks as the rule book describes. They even do it bridle-less and they are enjoying what they do. Horses are wondeful animals that want to please its awesome. Rose

  13. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    When I was riding 50 years ago, the elite were using drugs on their horses big time. Now I see where the big shots are doing the worst of animal abuse. The powers that be don’t give a rat’s ass. Reining is the ultimate and as long as it looks beautiful, no one in the industry cares how they do,it. Anything goes…..most times I am ashamed to be a member of the human race.


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