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NRHA Members Call Out Professionals Code of Ethics

NRHA Members Call Out Professionals Code of Ethics as a load of rubbish. They do not adhere to it and nor is it enforced

Further down in this article you will read the actual comments made by NRHA members and enthusiasts regarding the Professionals Code of Conduct in 2020.

You may have seen the NRHA Welfare Publicity and the Professional Code of Conduct. It reads like the horses are living in Utopia!

What the NRHA States:  The Health and Welfare of our Horses

For the love. Of the horse. Of the sport. Of family. Reining is a sport that allows riders of all ages to unite and share their love of and devotion to the horse. They’re driven by the passion they feel for these kind, beautiful four-legged athletes. To compete successfully in Reining, our horses must be in excellent health and tip-top condition. They are cared for and treated as a member of the family, and that relationship is the essence of our involvement in Reining.

They go to say in The Professionals Code of Conduct :

Ensure that the welfare of the reining horse is paramount and that every horse shall always be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion, regardless if the horse does not reside under my direct supervision.

NOW: Look inside the bubble and see what the NRHA members and reining enthusiasts really think. These comments include posts from high profile people within the reining horse business. Are the trainers held to account for their actions? Is there a standard that is enforced?


NRHA Member and Enthusiasts conversations

NRHA Member and Enthusiasts conversations

So this welfare and respect of the horse? From the 2019 Show Season

NRHA Member and Enthusiasts conversations

Would you want to be a member of some of those families?

Are bloodied sides and mouths, wires and spur gravel showing they are treated humanely and with dignity, respect, and compassion?

The enforcement of the Code of Ethics is managed by the trainers. Trainers governing trainers – what could possibly go wrong?

With the large sums of prize money for #runforthemillion #nrhafuturity #nrhaderby to name a few, should they be allowed govern themselves?

Questions are being asked now:

  1. Are they being truthful to the public with their welfare statements?
  2. Are they being truthful to the NRHA members who do care for the horses giving them a safety net for horses in training?
  3. Have you had any experience with the Professional Code of Ethics?

Vote Now if you believe changes are required to Rules and Management of Animal Welfare

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7 replies
    • Carole M
      Carole M says:

      So True. Visited a barn to look at a horse for sale with a friend who is an equine therapist. The trainer was working a horse clearly injured and in pain. My friend asked the trainer if they had someone look at it and the reply ”the horse is just a nasty bitch’. He offered to look at the horse for free right then and there. Trainers only concern was the horse would have to have 2 weeks off – no training fees!!!. Oh Yes, of course, the trainer is one of the all-mighty so who do you complain to? Just a money-hungry business at the expense of horses

  1. Greg R
    Greg R says:

    I made a complaint about my horse with an interesting outcome. Dropped into the barn to visit unannounced just before feed up time and thought would help out. It was Saturday. He kept stalling and seemed uncomfortable and kept finding ways to move me along. I could hear a bad cough in the barn from one of the horses. Went in and found all the horses with no feed – no feed in the feed room. Very little bedding and a few boxes were wet. He said the wife was on her way home with feed. The coughing horse turned out to be mine in a wet box. She was ill (I had just paid another month’s fees a few days earlier). She had a temperature and was clearly suffering. The wife arrived home – no feed. Things were getting ugly. A couple of the other horses were looking under the weather and I walked out to the back yards and they were looking worse. I rang a friend to bring a trailer but they could not get there until tomorrow. It was quicker to do a 7 hour round trip to get my trailer. As I left I found a ranch just down the road and begged them to sell me some hay which they kindly did. Took it back and fed the horses amidst the trainer and his wife screaming, lying and being threatening. I came back with a friend early the next morning and loaded up my horse. Took lots of photos and evidence. Straight to the vets and my mare had pneumonia and chronic infections some of which came from dirty wet boxes. She was badly scared in the throat and became an asthmatic and ruined for life. A daughter of a major futurity winner. NRHA said not our problem. Courts said horse is still alive. Reining horse people praised (and still do) the trainer as a legend and I was labelled a liar and made very unwelcome. Seems the crueler and the bigger the liar you are – the more you will rise to the top of this stinking sport.

    • Julia K
      Julia K says:

      I think I know who you mean – similar experience. I cringe when I read comments on FB of how loving and caring they both are of the horses and wonderful honest people. They are the biggest walking liars I have ever seen.

  2. Cassandra Ryan
    Cassandra Ryan says:

    This has been going on for years. My horse was in training and just won a major Derby event. The trainer was offered big money to take another horse to another state show on the condition my stayed at home. Had a strange feeling about her being left behind and went to check her. Found her in a yard and a bin full of grain. She had ceased up and could not walk. She was over heated and in bad shape. Not a person around and obviously just been tipping grain in her bin without checking. No hay. Yard filthy dirty and not picked up for a good week. Hired a trailer locally and took her to my equine vet – she was immediately put on a drip with resulting kidney/liver issues and other ailments. took months to recover. Trainer said it was not true even with a vet report in his hand and demanded I pay $132 of board money. The vet spoke to him and he said he was not a real vet? Reported him to NRHA and they said not our problem. Well you can imagine the horse industry praises the trainer and I was wrong. Just love seeing this RTE website putting the truth out there. Hope you bastards pay big time.

  3. Dun & Dusted
    Dun & Dusted says:

    I dont mean to be a story topper but Cassandra and Greg mine is a classic. Had a mare in training and they rang and said the mare had attitude issues and is no good. She was a bad horse to ride (after being there 4 months) The mare was impeccably bred with the right genes. I get there and walk to the stall and could not believe what I saw. She had a BROKEN HIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am not supposed to know anything – only Lord Trainer knows anything. You would have to be f%$$N blind not to see it. You could see the damage on one side and she was in serious pain. She was most likely unable to get up and down and by the look of her had been like it a while. If they had not rung and told me to get her they might have been able to use the old line “It must have happened last night she was fine earlier” or my real favorite “It happened before we got the horse”. Straight to vets – broken Ischim bone. Years later talking with someone they asked how the mare was? I was a bit surprised they knew her. They saw what happened she was jammed in a heavy gateway when the gate slammed shut vicing her and the saddle got hooked up on the gate. NRHA – Not Our Problem. I would love to know how many people have left the sport under the same kinds of stories. They wonder why membership is falling.

  4. Susan B
    Susan B says:

    NRHA Professionals Is A JOKE – Our reiner was in training for a little over a year with one of the Gods. Excuse my malice. Cost a fortune and it was always uncomfortable. Everything his way. The horse sent home with a not going to make it report. We turned the horse out and he was clearly uptight and became more difficult to handle each day. Hubby pulled him in after a week and the Jimmy was jumping at everything. Saddled him up an what an explosion. Hubby hit the dirt and the horse was crazy. Never put a foot wrong before he went to the trainer. Called the vets and their call was coming down of being drugged. Seems god only rides drugged horses for safety – NRHA would not even accept a complaint as it was not at a show. We are not members anymore. Jimmy rides fine now after 3 months detoxing.


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