NRHA’s newest unofficial ambassador: Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson describes training techniques for a reining horse and children

NRHA has a new self-appointed ambassador of reining, Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship, a constant of the North American clinicians circuit in recent years. Anderson is taking his thousands of followers on the journey of training his NRHA reining futurity prospect Titan (aka Telling White Lies) and providing his opinion on training and horse management and all things imaginable for children and people.

He states “if your definition of an asshole is someone who tells the truth, speaks their mind, and is direct, then yes I’m a complete asshole”

Mr Anderson explains in part 4 video of Titan, released in June 2016, that it is right to

‘knock the shit’ out of a male teenager or horse to remind them there is a pecking order; regularly.

He goes on to share his opinion by ridiculing segments of society and showing contempt for other people. All this is delivered in a narcissistic ego-filled video under the guise of him telling it how it really is.

Click here to watch the interview slide to about the 9 minute mark and listen, or read a transcript of the media release.

With over 53,000 views of the video, this is creating a social media storm.

As a member of the NRHA, in their welfare statement, he is expected to

care for and treat [a reining horse] as a member of the family, and that relationship is the essence of a members involvement in Reining. An interesting perspective of family is held by Mr Anderson.

They [NRHA] further state,

the NRHA promotes and stands by the wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit of the horse at all times. We expect our members to consider the welfare of their horses paramount and to always treat them with dignity, respect and compassion.

It is understood by horse people, [and parents] all stallions [horses and children] need boundaries but how you establish them is important. Firm and fair is a horseman’s approach to each individual situation. Is the video of his opinions way over the top to how he actually managed the stallion? After listening to all the videos and/or reading all the transcripts, would you say this is respectful and the way to treat a member of the family?

We can say that some people seeing Mr Anderson out and about, may want to give him a big warm down under holler and say ‘gidday arsehole’ and that is not for his horse management.

Does the NRHA condone Clinton Anderson’s behaviour?

In fact, the NRHA promotes Clinton Anderson as a corporate partner. An interesting partnership on the basis of their welfare statement.

 A late note to this blog:

Seems Clinton Anderson has been taking this approach for some time. Here is a snippet from his newsletter published by He is not misquoted as some say- he means every single word of it.


What actions are considered horse abuse? Click here to find out more.

Have some news or video of reining horse abuse? We are building a case for reform on trainers and your contribution can assist. Click here to send us information.

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21 replies
  1. Naomi Waterhouse
    Naomi Waterhouse says:

    Like attracts Like, that is all I can say after watching this video and several others on the site. Such beautiful animals being subjected to barbaric training from uneducated unconscionable people.

      • Paula sorensen
        Paula sorensen says:

        Because you don’t understand it – what horse training experience have you had? If you have a problem with a horse are you able to reason with them and the problem goes away.

  2. Mary-Ann Charman
    Mary-Ann Charman says:

    OMG This guy really has tickets on himself. I would not let him near a family member of mine and especially not my horse.

  3. Peter Middleton
    Peter Middleton says:

    Sending a big Gidday Asshole to this guy. I cannot believe what I just heard – I actually listened to it twice. You may beat up your teenage son but for the rest of more evolved men we don’t and have raised well mannered nice men.

  4. Sean Mitchel
    Sean Mitchel says:

    He sure doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed..After watching the video and then reading the transcript sounds like this “clinician” preys on folks who like their desire to dominate a “dumb” animal justified and reinforced. I wonder what his sponsors think or are they just as bad??

    • Andrea
      Andrea says:

      Agreed – he sure does like domination and especially pulling their heads off with endless sawing of the bit and full strength dragging their heads into their chests. Just shows how desperate people are to find a cure for incompetence that they listen to this fool of a man

  5. Gary Arthurson
    Gary Arthurson says:

    I have seen his videos and everything is about dominance and now I know way. Make sure any Equine Events in your area know about this and help block him (and others like him) and stop this people and horse abuser. Block his sponsors and let them know you don’t approve of their products being endorsed by him. Narcissistic horse trainers like this guy need to be ousted! Use the power of the internet to prevent any more horses being abused to line the pocket books of this so called clinician!

  6. C C
    C C says:

    I think a whole lot of people need to sit and watch Clinton’s work from start to finish. ALL of Clinton’s horses are taught from the ground up what “feel” is…and are so conditioned to it..that they are butter soft. All the negative responses are usually from people who probably wouldn’t dare correct their horse, in fear of hurting the horses feelings. Thus, their horses never change their ways and therefore get worse.

    I love his video’s of Titan and his well as the places where the horse is corrected for stepping out of line. The correction is always right to the point and continuing on with the lesson. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Clinton also rewards the “slightest” try from the horse.. but yet all the Negative Nancy’s are like omg, did you see how the horse reacted to the correction and can’t get past that to see anything else.

    Now excuse me while I go practice his method on my horses. 🙂

    • Peter Middleton
      Peter Middleton says:

      So you agree it is ok to belt children regularly, denigrate people and wish people dead which is the point of post? There are many many people with differing opinions on horses but his attitude toward people is disguisting and that attitude would blend over to training methods off camera. Just ask the women who’s horses died in his care at his property.

    • WF
      WF says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t dislike him or his methods because of harshness. I dislike him because his ego makes him kind of disgusting. The way he trains isn’t based on feel, BTW.

    • Paula sorensen
      Paula sorensen says:

      All this negative stuff posted sounds so …..snowflakish? Our future horses coming to the market will be like some of the children/adult snowflakes. Love riding and being around my ‘method’ horses.

  7. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    This asshole produces some of the most gentle, safe horses in the world. He may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there’s a lot of beverage choices out there. You want a safe horse who is versatile, honest, and responsive on the ground and in saddle? This asshole builds them. You don’t have to like tea to appreciate it’s effectiveness to quench thirst.

  8. Ricci B
    Ricci B says:

    Pfffft. This guy has been belting into horses for years. No talent just a circus act with a few tricks that amateur people think are spectacular. You can fool some of the people some of the time – but you cannot fool all the people all the time Mr Anderson. Please retire and leave our horses and families alone.

  9. Gary Arthurson
    Gary Arthurson says:

    The update says it all. He has been belting into horses for years. Dear C C I assume if you are practicing his methods you too are going out there and belting the horse as hard as you can as many times as you think it necessary to get it to do what you want. Shameful that you endorse this fool of a man.

  10. American Romance Equestrian
    American Romance Equestrian says:

    Remember, Clinton is only as good as his knowledge. His equine education is lacking. What he “thinks” he knows about training is one way and one way only. His “colorful” language belies his insecurities. He may scoff at that; but it’s crystal clear he believes only he is right as do his followers who drink his koolaid. It works for them…but there are better ways to Rome that don’t involve kicking a horses’ ass.

  11. Aimee
    Aimee says:

    His methods arent new they are time tested and he explains how to get the job done so idiots like those here putting him down can understand. I have put his methods to use and have seen remarkable and effective results that are long lasting. Ive been training horses for over 30 years and most I have been doing but the twists he adds to some exercises are great. You all are a joke putting him down and you have no clue what to do better or different to get even near the same result. Keep piddling on your dinks while he cranks out champions because he communicates with a horse in the way a horse understands and appreciates it.

    • Downunder Kicked Out
      Downunder Kicked Out says:

      Yep you have it right his methods are not new. They are learned from what many people call one of the hardest and cruelest horsepeople in Australia and a bunch of other idiots. One man who publicly admits to belting horses with poly pipe (plastic irrigation pipe) to make them turn around faster so it took less time to train. Another tha was known for king puching horses over the head, typing their front leg up and making them pound around a round yard to fix attitude then throwing them on the ground. Typing them high to trees all night and every other domination technique that sprung into their stupid heads. best of all riding them till they just about drop dead to teach them a lesson loping them down for hours without a break. Yep your on a winner there. Lucky Australia kicked the little shit to curb and the rest of the world have to put up with and believe his bullshit – we sure dont.


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