Nico Hörmann matches the US in horse abuse methods

Not to be outdone by his American competitors, Nico Hörmann demonstrates his talent in gaining total submission during the warm-up of the FEI World Reining Final Warm-up. In relentless style, this man abuses this horse under the guise of professional training talent and a standard that is accepted industry-wide. Working amidst the other horses it seems to be an accepted practice that you cannot achieve ‘willing guided’ without excessive spurring, sawing of mouths, and full-strength jerking of reins in a spoon or port bit. The horse must give in and be dictated to as if it is a robot there to serve the whim of the rider. Clearly, the interpretation of willing guided has shifted from graceful to absolute submission; a sad fact for the horse.

Top competition and huge prize money are seeing massive changes in how reining horse is being trained as trainers and owners demand faster results and look for shortcuts, and it’s only getting worse. Review the video from 2016 that shows a warm-up pen that you would see at any weekend show or major event.

What actions are considered horse abuse? Click here to find out more.

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