Only Old Women Care About Horse Welfare?

We sat and listened to a high profile NRHA judge & former western sport board member at a judging seminar states “only old women are really concerned about animal welfare”. Probably the most honest and discriminatory statement made when you see most abusers charged are men. But does it reflect the priorities of NRHA or just the opinion of a rambling old fool?

What we do know is there is no place on earth for that mentality toward any breed of horse (or animal). God help the horses.

Some high profile horse owners and breeders have also been battling hard to protect the horses, the AQHA 2015 Protect Them Coalition.

As one of the highest profile women in quarter horse, Carol Harris and Kathi Hansen lead a group of 20 women to change the welfare of the quarter horse.

This applies to any quarter horses in general and those horses that compete at shows. The NRHA is not excluded from being considered in these remarks.

“We who love Quarter Horses have allowed too many inhumane trainers to become judges who continually reward each other when they judge or show in our competitions.

These trainer/judges have been permitted by our Association to badly hurt our favorite sport by participating in conflicts of interest positions at our Quarter Horse shows and by refusing to listen to valuable advice and criticism that have been given to them for years.

If our leadership and our members do not know the difference between right and wrong, they should try to remember that there is “NO RIGHT WAY TO DO ALL THE WRONG THINGS THEY ARE DOING”. That is exactly what they have been continuing to force on our horses, our membership and our Association for countless years. They never seem to think it is necessary to improve or correct the continual mistakes.”

Carol Haris of AQHA 2015 Protect Them Coalition writes: This email was sent to me a couple days ago by two Quarter Horse lovers, Betty Marshall and Liz Hickling. For some reason, it made me ashamed that I was not helping them like I used to try to, but a year and a half ago I was more or less asked not to write any more “On The Fence” articles because it disturbed the halter horse people too much. No telling who I will disturb this time, but the fact that people who don’t know the difference between right and wrong are still bothering me and should be bothering others the same way.

To read the rest of the article from AQHA 2015 Protect Them Coalition

Vote now for change. Now Closed.

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  1. Michelle Veron
    Michelle Veron says:

    Chauvinism is alive and well – old buzzard. This article is shows it is wrong on so many levels. Wake up reiners the western pleasure is showing where you will end up and they are still in denial.

  2. Nancy V
    Nancy V says:

    This is not new. NRHA has been built on that attitude and will crumble on that attitude. I am sick of the females in it that ape men thinking to be tough on horses is right. A shiny shirt to look female while you belt the hide of a horse is pathetic.

  3. Charlotte B
    Charlotte B says:

    Well it seems to be a very short list of people in the NRHA that care about horses based on the comments hitting the FaceBook post. Where are the keyboard warrior gang bashing women !

    • Raquel Weller
      Raquel Weller says:

      Look at all the photos it a male dominated sport of young men proving their testostrome and old men dreaming of the days when they used to. The women arent allowed talk out of turn hahahahaha

  4. Marco De Sario
    Marco De Sario says:

    If they stand up for horse welfare, there be no competition. I worked in Europe barn and see what they do to those horses to perform. It made me sick. That is why the FEI charges them but their own association just turns an eye away.

  5. Lynda
    Lynda says:

    Then thank heavens for old women. We need people with wisdom and guts to speak up for the speechless victims of this cruel horse abuse. Stop the greed!


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